May 11, 2021

How to Make Money Flipping Furniture

Flipping Furniture Course  2021

STEP 1 Preparing: A common mistake is jumping ahead of schedule and left frustrated with not having their “ducks” in a row from the beginning. During this flipping furniture for profit module, we’ll be covering… So read more about Best Flipping Furniture Beginners Course USA 2021

  • How to get the most out of this program and surround yourself with other fellow furniture flippers (including me) for the support!
  • How to prepare your space so you can be ready for a steady flow of furniture!
  • Gathering your tools (most of which you most likely own) at a discount!
  • Setting your schedule to optimize your time for churning out furniture flips!
  • Finding the best color/quality paint to use for higher profit margins!
  • Which sealers are the best to protect your furniture, and to avoid unhappy clients!

STEP 2 Finding Treasure: We teach the latest and greatest methods for finding free, and cheap furniture to flip. During this flipping furniture for beginners module, we’ll be covering:

  • Where to find furniture for free or for a low price that leaves a generous profit!
  • Which days are BEST to find furniture (hint: It’s not on trash day either)!
  • Which types of furniture sell the fastest, AND for the most money!
  • Which furniture to avoid (hint: it’s not real wood).
  • Lifting strategies that make things easier!And much more!

STEP 3 Turning “Trash” Into Treasure: Learn the latest style trends, and how to turn “trash” into valuable treasure. This will ALWAYS be ever-growing with NEW projects and tips! During this flipping furniture business module, we’ll be covering…

  • The best practice for stripping old paint (or stain) without ruining it!
  • How to apply polyacrylic the right way without bubbling, clumping, or ruining!
  • How to properly clean your furniture using no harsh chemicals to prepare for painting and staining!
  • Key strategies for distressing that’ll impress your buyers!
  • How to add stencil art to make your furniture unique!
  • How to pin-stripe using only paint and blue tape!
  • To refurbish or not? That’s a common question that we answer!
  • Which grit to choose for sanding to perfection without damaging the original shape!
  • How to blend and layer paint the right way!
  • How to turn a furniture piece into a Mid Century Modern piece with just one single tweak!
  • How to line drawers with wallpaper!
  • How to add Gold Leaf accents to turn dull furniture into shiny masterpieces!

STEP 4 Staging Strategies: Staging the right way is essential for selling your pieces FAST. The higher value of the photo, the higher value your customers will view your furniture. During this flipping furniture for a living module, we’ll be covering…

  • How to create professional-looking photos using only your smartphone and natural light!
  • Choosing the right decor to bring out the true beauty of your furniture!
  • How to create an indoor look using what we call the Garage Door Backdrop Method!
  • The Furniture Power Hour for getting the best quality photos that’ll stick out from your competition!
  • Which angles to shoot to tell the whole story of your furniture’s best features!

STEP 5 Selling Furniture: The biggest reward for your talent is getting paid. During this flipping furniture full-time module, we’ll be covering…

  • The best places to list your furniture to get in front of the most passionate buyers quickly!
  • How to avoid negotiating and get your asking price the first time!
  • How to avoid getting stood up with our furniture bidding war method!
  • Furniture Listing templates so you know exactly what to say to avoid over-communication with your prospects!
  • Our pricing strategies for increasing your furniture’s overall perceived value!

STEP 6 Building Your Brand: For some, this may just be kept at the hobby level. We get it — we currently have over $1,000 worth of furniture that we’ve kept for ourselves; saving us from having to buy new. However, for those who want to level up and turn this hobby into a REAL business than building your brand is a must. During this flipping furniture side hustle module, we’ll be covering…

  • Build up your social media for locals to find, and follow you!
  • Know what to post to encourage engagement and brand new customers!
  • Attract lifetime customers who beg you to custom furniture work!
  • Get your followers to CALL YOU to give you free furniture, or report free furniture sightings.
  • Flipping Furniture Beginners Course 2021

…to transform old, ugly furniture, into beautiful pieces like above!

Not only that but imagine being able to make money while doing it!

That’s what Furniture Flipping Secrets is all about! 
And that’s why so many students who’ve joined have been totally happy doing so. Not only because I teach step-by-step in a very organized, easy-to-follow manner, but also because of how high the success rate is.
For example Kim from Tampa, FL — she joined and within TWO DAYS found, and flipped her first piece making over $150 profit!
Bethany from Ft. Worth, TX has since retired her husband as a result of flipping furniture.
Imagine surrounding yourself with people like them who are ACTIVELY flipping furniture.
There’s an important quote from an old Proverb that reads, “Birds of a feather flock together.”
I couldn’t agree more! I know how important it is to surround yourself with like-minded people who have the same goals and values in life.
That’s why I wanted to sweeten this deal even more by “holding you by the hand” to increase your odds of success. I believe what you’re about to read next will do just that, and that’s why…

Bonus #1: Weekly LIVE Group Calls!

  • Yes, we’ll be going LIVE weekly to answer questions and provide support to fast-track your furniture flipping success!
  • Share your latest projects for ideas and feedback!
  • Get caught up with the latest trends for refurbishing and selling your furniture!
  • $497.00 Value!

Bonus #2: Furniture Flipping Group!

  • Surround yourself with other furniture flippers for friendships, questions, opinions, and overall guidance in our HIGHLY-ENGAGED group!
  • Participate in fun challenges to “gamify” your furniture flipping experience!
  • Get inspired by the high energy of other fellow flippers!
  • $97.00/Month Value!
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