May 27, 2022

Top Five Mountain Biking Helmets Buying Guide

In this article, I will be looking at the top five Mountain Biking Helmets available on the market today. As a mountain biker who loves testing gear, my review is based on quality, features, and value for money, giving you the best advice to help you faster and further. 

My Top Five Best Mountain Biking Helmets list are Below.

The fifth product on my list is the Exclusky Safety while cycling is crucial. We all love going as fast as possible down technical tracks, but your luck will run out at some point, and when it does, you’ll want a protective helmet like this from Exclusky. 

This is a good, simple, and very affordable Mountain Bike helmet for beginners or casual riders. Overall its quality at this price point is pretty challenging to beat. It has a simple and lightweight design that’s ideal for mountain biking. There’s decent coverage provided for the back of the head with this product, which many helmets in this price range don’t offer.

Moreover, the ventilation is surprisingly good, so even amid a sweaty summer ride, you shouldn’t overheat. What’s more is that the liner is removable and can be washed, which you’ll want to do regularly. 

The fit is excellent and easily adjustable as the side straps are flush with your head, and there is also a rear ratchet disk to turn, helping make the fit snug. While a visor is held on by three screws meant to be adjustable, it’s only about an inch worth, okay, but not great. 

The most important thing to note is that this is a single impact helmet, so it’s designed to protect you from *one* impact only! That means once you fall off and hit it on something, the internal cushioning will fracture, and it will be rendered unusable, even if on the outside it looks okay. 

Yet, the thick multi-density EPS foam inside the helmet will absorb any impact energy and effectively reduce or prevent a head injury. 

  • – It has a lightweight build.
  • – It’s very well ventilated.
  • – It will effectively protect your head.
  • – It isn’t the sleekest design on the market.

The Exclusky is an excellent value-for-money helmet that is great for any mountain biker on a budget. 

the BELL Spark. This helmet from Spark is a sleek, modern, and very clean-lined trail helmet with ample coverage over your head and a convenient built-in visor. This helmet gets a tough polycarbonate outer shell bonded directly to the EPS foam liner. 

This construction helps it feel solid and well put together despite being a budget lid. However, the outer cover doesn’t extend to the helmet’s base, meaning the foam is exposed. So it’s best to not shove it in the trunk of a car with your other kit, or you could scratch the foam pretty easily.

Additionally, the helmet is secured by some special ‘No-Twist Tri-Glides,’ a type of widget that helps keep the straps flat and well placed – so when you use this helmet, there should be no tangling problems at all. The straps are straightforward to adjust and set in place; they’re well anchored to the main helmet body and stay put even when bouncing over tree roots and down rough trails. 

Unfortunately for the fit, there’s the only adjustment around the circumference of your head, with no way to increase how high the brim sits. The good news is there’s a Sweat Guide pad design that pulls moisture away from the brow pad and away from eyewear, helping you keep your eyes on the path ahead. Lastly, it also comes in many colors to match your bike and kit.

  • – It has a clean look available in a range of colors .
  • – It’s made from durable polycarbonate.
  • – It has an integrated visor and seat pad that’s very useful in summer.
  • – It has no depth adjustment option.

The BELL Spark is a nicely designed helmet that works best for those cycling lighter trails if you haven’t found a Mountain Biking Helmet that meets your needs yet.

The third product on my list is the OUWOR. It’s often said that it isn’t a case of if you’re going to fall off your bike, but when. Most spills involving mountain bike riders aren’t usually serious. Apart from a few scratches and scuffs, you’re ready to get back on the trail quickly. 

Yet, it only takes a more severe fall to cause much more severe damage. That’s where an OUWOR Mountain bike helmet comes in to save the day. This product is, in many ways, an absolute steal. Like the last one on my list, it’s made from high-quality EPS foam with a robust PolyCarbonate shell giving excellent impact resistance.

It has a removable visor that helps make it suitable for mountain biking and road biking. Not only that, but the adjustable chin straps and dial to the rear make it fast and effortless to achieve a comfortable fit, and the whole thing is kept cool and fresh with a total of precision-designed vents. 

The padding inside means you’ll have maximum comfort while out on the trail, especially when combined with the adjustable size that goes from inches, making it suited to most youths and adults alike. Moreover, this unit has a range of different colors and styles; there are currently in total, 

so you should have no problem finding one that fits your style. And last but not least, the OUWOR comes complete with a convenient bag to store the helmet when not in use. 

  • – It has excellent impact resistance.
  • – Its fit is fully adjustable.
  • – It will suit several looks if you are fashion conscious.
  • – It only has two screws for attaching the visor to come off .

The OUWOR is an affordable and high-quality helmet; it’s ideal for those looking to make some more serious trail riding with optimal adjustment.

The second product on this list is the POC. Widely regarded as one of the most safety-conscious helmet manufacturers, the Swedish company POC’s reputation is well-deserved. They put safety first to developing rugged protective equipment, and this POC Tectal mountain biking helmet is no exception. 

Constructed with an EPS foam liner and in-mold unibody polycarbonate shell, POC has strategically extended the outer shell to protect more of the comparatively fragile EPS liner from impacts while providing improved strength. Furthermore, it also uses Aramid bridge technology to enhance the helmet’s durability further – an unbreakable weave bonded with the EPS liner. 

This latest POC lid certainly fits profoundly and securely. Meaning it doesn’t move around or bounce when riding over rough terrain and is even more secure when worn with goggles. You may even have to adjust the retention cradle to its shallowest setting to stop it from feeling too low on your brow to ensure you’re getting full head coverage.

Moreover, the chin strap is also very well padded and adjustable. The padding absorbs sweat well and remains comfortable and soft against your head even when it’s completely saturated; once you squeeze this moisture out, it’ll dry on its own very quickly. 

The POC Tectal is an impressive kit that scores well in independent safety tests and is very comfortable to wear even on all-day rides.

  • – It has a robust design.
  • – It has a very secure fit even over rugged terrain.
  • – Its internal padding makes it comfortable to wear.
  • – It is perfect, but it’s also pretty pricey.

The POC is an expertly made helmet ideal for anyone looking for the ultimate protection on a ride.

Finally, my top Mountain Biking Helmet is the Basecamp. Placing its unique twist on the traditional mountain bike helmet design, this product from Base Camp has been designed for both serious cyclists and the more casual rider. 

This product has been made with a very robust unibody shell, and its construction leaves minimal seams to grant you maximum protection. Furthermore, this Base Camp Mountain Bike helmet also features oversized air vents, which help provide ultimate freshness and comfort all day long. 

There’s also a removable interior liner that can be quickly taken out and washed to help improve hygiene. Moreover, this lid should suit most head shapes and sizes with its SH- adjustable retention system. This helmet is ideal for trail riding and challenging off-road adventurers. 

Every aspect of this helmet has been meticulously designed to provide maximum-degree protection, efficiently spreading energy evenly across the entire structure in the event of an accident. Additionally, even with its protective nature, the Base Camp weighs only -grams, making it one of the most lightweight helmets available today. 

Lastly, the adjustable and removable front visor is a brilliant added touch and something you wouldn’t usually see in this price range. 

  • – It is a Very well constructed product .
  • – It’s almost infinitely adjustable, giving you full head coverage.
  • – Its excellent value for money.
  • – It has an included rear LED taillight, but it’s hardly worth mentioning as it’s not visible most of the time.

The Basecamp mountain biking helmet provides excellent overall protection, is lightweight, and doesn’t break the bank; it’s top of my list today. That’s all for now.

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